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Qualitative Cellulose Filters Qualitative Cellulose Filters Qualitative Cellulose Filters Qualitative Cellulose Filters

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Qualitative Cellulose Filters

Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also, this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.


CFP1: Widely used filter media demonstrating a retention rate approximate to 11μm, with medium flow rate. Used in a broad range of laboratory and environmental applications, this media is ideally suited in separating lead sulfate, calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate precipitates. This media is the standard for agricultural procedures such as soil and seed sample testing. Also, it is commonly used as a separation media in the food and beverage industry to extract liquids from solid samples. Due to the consistent bright white color of this media, it is ideal for photometric stain intensity measurement of air samples. The media can also be impregnated with reagents for use in quantifying optical reflectance in gas detection procedures.

CFP2: A more retentive and absorbent media than CFP1, with approximately 8μm and a medium to slow flow rate. This media is ideal for general filtration and absorbent conveyance. Commonly used in plant growth trials and monitoring preisolated contaminants in air and gas.

CFP3: Practically identical to CFP1, but twice as thick resulting in a significantly slower flow rate with a retention of approximately 6μm. This media does not clog as easily as the other qualitative cellulose types, which allows for much higher sample volume usage. This media also demonstrates very high levels of absorbency, permitting the media to be used as a sample conveyance substrate.

CFP4: The fastest flow rate demonstrated by any of the qualitative cellulose filter media’s resulting in a low retention rate of approximately 20-26μm. Very commonly used as the first media in a multi-stage filtration process. Ideally suited for use in organic extractions and biological fluid separation processes. Often specified in air monitoring applications where the entrapment of fine particulate is not required.

CFP5: Filtration of very fine particulate and clarification with applications in environmental sciences and chemical analysis.

CFP6: Very similar basis weight and thickness to CFP5, but with a slightly less retentive porosity. Also, due to the furnish of this paper, the ash content is higher than the balance of the qualitative line. Material is commonly specified in environmental applications.


Qualitative Filter Selection:

 Standard Diameter Sizes Offered
25mm 42mm 47mm 55mm
70mm 90mm 110mm 125mm
150mm 185mm 240mm 320mm


Filter Media Retention Flow
CFP1 11µm Medium
CFP2 8µm Medium - Slow
CFP3 6µm Slow
CFP4 20 - 26µm Fast
CFP5 2.5µm Slow
CFP6 3-4µm Slow